Practical Training for First Year SAL Students 2022-2023

To satisfy the Practical training requirement, all students must submit a Practical Training Certificate of Completion (Adeverință de practică).

First year SAL students must choose one of the options described below. More details about the program were posted on the Master’s Teams channel.

  • FMI infrastructure
    Activity for the FMI coordinated by professor Mihăiță Drăgan, email: dragan_mihaita [at]
    Internships with one of SAL’s industrial partners. This year, we propose the following companies:
    •  Bitdefender. The SAL practical training coordinator at Bitdefender is Silviu Sofronie. If you want to intern at Bitdefender, send your CV to ssofronie [at] bitdefender[.]com.
    • Secureworks. The SAL practical training coordinator at Secureworks is Alin Puncioiu, email: apuncioiu [at] secureworks[.]com.
    • BRD is offering both practical and research internships. The SAL practical training coordinator at BRD is Horial Velicu, email: horia.velicu [at] brd[.]ro.
    • Cyberint (SRI) offers internships for SAL students, email: cnc [at] cyberint[.]ro.
    • Runtime Verification.  The practical training for SAL students is coordinated by Traian Serbanuta, email: traian.serbanuta [at] runtimeverification[.]com
    • Orange The SAL practical training coordinator at Orange is
    • Pentest-Tools The SAL practical training coordinator at Pentest-Tools is
    Students can either select one of the research topics proposed below, in which case their activity is coordinated by the professor proposing that subject; or, they can propose their own research topics, in which case they need to find a professor to coordinate their activity.
  • Proposed topics:
    Paul IroftiHoria Velicu, email: horia.velicu[at]brd[.]ro [research internship at BRD]
    Laurentiu Leustean, email: laurentiu.leustean[at]unibuc[.]ro
    Mihai Prunescu, email: mihai.prunescu [at] fmi.unibuc[.]ro
    Silviu-Laurentiu Vasile, email: vsl[at]fmi.unibuc[.]ro [topics].
    Any other option for practical training needs to be previously approved! If you have another option for practical training please send a detalied email to vsl[at]fmi.unibuc[.]ro (subject “SAL practical training “).