SAL’s .hidden CTF team is placed second in Romania

The .hidden CTF team, founded by 4 passionate SAL students less than 3 months ago, has gained momentum placing second country wise on the global leaderboard on CTFtime for 2023 and 449th out of 23,152 worldwide.

.hidden has been on a streak in recent CTF competitions and are planning to attend more over the summer:

If you are interested to join their team, feel free to contact them at

Câștigători Burse și Premii Bitdefender

– Burse de merit anul II: Costea Marina si Nicolae Cristian (2500 RON fiecare)
– Burse de merit anul I: Marian Gusatu si Bogdan Macovei (2.500 RON fiecare)
– Premii de cercetare pentru sem I (500 RON fiecare): Marian Gusatu, Bogdan Macovei, Horatiu Cheval, Parvu Daniel
– Bursa de cercetare pentru sem II: Horatiu Cheval (1000 RON pe luna martie-iulie)