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Active Defense in Cybersecurity

online (via Teams)

Title: Active Defense in Cybersecurity Speaker: Sergiu Bogdan Meseșan & Andreea Drugă, Cybersecurity Specialists at ENEA Agenda: Active Defense Mechanisms – Notions, principles and Active Defense mechanisms (ca.1h) Practical Application for Honeypot Analytics and Attacks Data Collection – Presentation of a platform implemented by ENEA specially for this lecture, a practical demo of Active Defense

Kernelization, Proof Complexity and Social Choice

Title: Kernelization, Proof Complexity and Social Choice Speaker: Gabriel Istrate (West University of Timișoara) Abstract: We display an application of the notions of kernelization and data reduction from parameterized complexity to proof complexity: Specifically, we show that the existence of data reduction rules for a parameterized problem having (a) a small-length reduction chain, and (b) small-size (extended)

An Introduction to Protocols in Dynamic Epistemic Logic

Title: An Introduction to Protocols in Dynamic Epistemic Logic Speaker: Alexandru Dragomir (University of Bucharest) Abstract: Dynamic epistemic logics are useful in reasoning about knowledge and acts of learning, seen as epistemic actions. However, not all epistemic actions are allowed to be executed in an initial epistemic model, and this is where the concept of a